Our History in Pictures
19?? - Mike Fitzpatrick , Dave Panchot, Ed Abbot and James Rice form The LTD's in Westwood, Kentucky

1967 - In the Summer of 1967 James Rice exits and Gary Kesling joins the newly formed Sound Wave.

1969 - The Sound Wave evolves into Lather (you need all the Lather you can get) and is joined briefly by Matt Holman on Bass

1971 - Gary Graduates from Ashland's Paul Blazer High School and the band continues as Lather with Mark Cantrell on Bass

1972 - Steve Hoffman replaces Mark on Bass following a show at Riverside Pool in Chesapeake, Ohio

1974 - Lather changes it's name to Menlo Park and Ed Fields has joined the band as 2nd Guitar player and Singer/Songwriter

1976 - Menlo Park has now begun pursuing recording of several originals and over the next few years releases Wrong Side of A Gun, and several other original tunes.

1982 - Gary briefly leaves the band during personal trials and Mike and Ed try their hand at Music in Florida.

1983 - Mike and Gary unite in a new band called Rumors.

1984 - The Return is formed with Mike, , Perry Stevens and Gary Kesling

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