Gary Kesling
Started singing in church at 5 years old ( The United Methodist Church, Ashland, KY) and continues to sing to this day.

Started playing drums at 10 and played in the band at Crabbe Elementary School, Ashland, KY in the 5th Grade. Taught by Pop Lewis!

Joined "The Sound Wave" in 1967 playing a set of "Star" Drums that looked like Butterscotch Bamboo purchased by his parents from Eddie's Pawn Shop, Greenup Ave. Ashland, KY !

Started playing an awesome set of Ludwig's in 1972 purchased from The Pied Piper, Huntington WV.

At this time The Sound Wave had evolved into "Lather"

Played the Ludwig kit till acquiring a set of Simmon's Electronic drums.

Played those with "The Return" and then he had a custom set of Pearl Master Customs built in Maple shells and all 24 Carrot Gold Hardware.
This kit had custom mounts for a keyboard, above the Floor Toms and included 2 Snares, 4 Toms, Single Bass with Double Kick Peddles and more. This set was, unfortunately stolen.

He Replaced it with a set of Pearl Exports.

Next, in the studio he added a Roland TD-10 Kit of electronic drums.

He has since moved on to a set of DW Bubinga's with gold hardware and these drums originally were owned by John Goode, The owner of DW, who was gracious enough to sign and date each shell.

He also has another set of DW's in Strange Maple for the Studio.

Speaking of the Studio, Gary started a recording studio in about 1992 called Darkwood Studios that evolved into 2 Cat Studios. 2 Cat Studios has grown to host about 300 session per year and has become a full service Pro Tools based Recording facility featuring Pro Tools 2018 HDX. The Very Top of the Line format from Avid.

He also founded 9 Lives Records, LLC and has over 130 artists, World Wide and is a member of the RIAA (The Grammys)